Solo performance
August 2020, an• other here residency, Berlin

Photo: Daphné Lejeune

an• other here residency has the great pleasure to invite you to Elpmas Series #2, a sound performance by the French Berlin-based artist Alan Affichard. 

Affichard’s practice explores the limits and the possible extensions of manufactured and handcrafted objects.
From both raw materials and DIY instruments, he extracts sound samples, producing improvised scores and unfolding sound situations. His work leads us to perceive things from their part of the unknown, of mystery and their excess, what goes beyond the single human reality of finitude.

The performances and installations created by the artist generate an ensemble, which expresses implicit dialogue between different layers of sounds, sometimes overlapping, and sometimes migrating from one to the other. He invites us to reverse the perspective of what is defined or determined and extends our knowledge on the intrinsic properties of objects.

In the coming weeks Affichard will do three sessions of field recordings in the nearby environment of the residency, that he will include in his sound library. By alterations, rough frictions, vibrations and others electroacoustic phenomena, an organic sound composition will come out during his performance at an• other here.

Text: Livia Tarsia in Curia