Oko/Ucho, GAMPA, Pardubice
September 15th 2021

Photo credit: Marie Sieberová

Elpmas Series, is an ongoing research on sound and materiality which is unfolded in residencies contexts. From both raw materials and its environment, he extracts sound samples, leading to improvised scores and inspiring new instruments.
During his residency at Offcity in June 2021, he developed a new range of sound experimentations focussed on thermo-acoustic phenomenas. For Eye_Ear, Affichard will present an installation, which he will active during a live performance on September 15th 2021. A series of sound workshops will be led on the 16th and 17th where participants can experiment with vibration, amplification, and materiality of objects. This sessions will unfold several sound situations (listening, playing, recording) .